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Our Work2022-03-23T16:36:41+00:00

Our Work

We have vetted designers who have experience with 1000s of eCommerce Brands, Service Providers for Graphic Designs, Videos & Infographics.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our designers consistently achieved high Net Promoter Scores


Graphic Designers

Our team consists of experienced graphics designers



We work with hundreds of brands across the globe

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“The team at RemotePik is fabulous. They helped us unlock our potential online and offline. We have experienced year-on-year growth due to their progressive approach.”

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Melissa Dean

Marketing Consultant Expert

Frequently asked questions

What is my billing schedule and when will I be billed again?2021-12-16T17:42:58+00:00

We operate on a 30-day cycle and will be billed on the same day that you signed up from the previous month.

What details should my design request include?2021-12-16T17:42:53+00:00

Include these details every time for the best results: size, orientation, format (print, digital or video), preferred colours, inspiration designs, and text copy. The more descriptive you can be, the fewer revisions will be required.

What are the guidelines for the Video and Graphics Trials?2021-12-16T17:44:53+00:00

When you sign up for the Graphics+Video subscription, you will be able to make 1 video request and 3 design requests as per the guidelines below:
Video Trial Overview: During your trial you can make 1 request.
1 request = 1 video, up to 15 seconds in length + unlimited revisions within the 7 day trial period. During your trial, you will only receive concepts with a watermark on them.

Graphics Trial Overview: During your trial you can make 3 requests.
1 request = 1 design (i.e. a single print or digital creative, or up to 2-3 pages of a multi-page design, depending on the amount of content). During your trial, you will only receive designs with a watermark on them.

The following requests are not fulfilled during trials:
1. Resizing of trial designs
2. Logo designs
3. Brand Mascot or Brand Character designs
4. Landing Page designs
If you’d like to skip the trial and move forward with a full subscription in order to request as many designs as you’d like, including designs not included in the trial, please drop a note to

How does the trial work?2021-12-16T17:44:59+00:00

When you sign up for 7 days free trial, you are not billed during the trial period. You get billed only after day 7 and you don’t have to sign any contracts to continue with our services. Our service is delivered month-to-month for a flat monthly rate. We collect payment details when you sign up, to ensure we are only on-boarding clients who are seriously considering our service.

What kind of designs can you create?2021-12-16T17:45:05+00:00

Graphic Design:
1. Amazon Graphics
2. Background Removal
3. Billboards
4. Blog Images
5. Book Covers
6. Book Layouts
7. Booklets
8. Brand Mascot or Brand Character Designs
9. Brochures
10. Business Cards
11. Business Reports
12. Company Profiles
13. Corporate Folders
14. Display Ads
15. Ebooks
16. Ecommerce Graphics
17. EDM (Email Direct Mail)
18. Email Signatures
19. Event Invitations
20. Flyers & Posters
21. Icons
22. Infographics
23. Landing Pages
24. Logos
25. Magazine & Newspaper Ads
26. Newsletters
27. Packaging & Labels
28. Podcast Covers
29. Point Of Sale Materials
30. PowerPoint Templates
31. Presentation Decks
32. Print Ads
33. Product Mockups
34. Promotional Materials
35. Restaurant Menus
36. Signage
37. Social Media Posts & Ads
38. Stationery Sets
39. T-shirt Design
40. Tradeshow Banners
41. Vehicle Wraps
42. Video Thumbnails
43. Web Ads
44. And just about anything that can be designed in PS, AI, or INDD.

Video Designs:
1. Adding Thumbnails
2. Animating Static Designs
3. Basic & Advanced GIFs
4. Cinemagraphs
5. Combining/Editing Raw Footage
6. Company Culture Videos
7. Demo Videos
8. Educational Videos
9. FAQ Videos
10. Logo Animations
11. Product Highlight Videos
12. Simple Character Animation
13. Simple Explainer Videos
14. Social Media Videos
15. Testimonial Videos
16. Text Overlays

We don’t fulfill the following types of requests:
1. 3D/CAD rendering
2. Advanced Animations
3. Advanced Animated Explainers
4. HTML5 ads
5. Coding & development
6. Copywriting
7. Marketing strategy
8. Shooting Videos Or Images
9. Storyboard
10. Transcribing Videos
11. Whiteboard Videos
12. Web, mobile or app design projects

Do you offer different tiers of service?2021-12-16T17:45:10+00:00

We offer three tiers of service – graphic design subscription, video design subscription and one subscription which combines both – Graphics+Video.
Whichever subscription you choose, start with a free trial and invite as many team members as you’d like to help you make design requests. You get it all with your flat monthly fee.

What does “unlimited graphic design” mean?2021-12-16T17:46:08+00:00

Unlimited graphic design service includes unlimited requests and unlimited revisions. This means that you can make as many requests as you’d like, and we’ll work through them as quickly as possible. Once you submit your requests, your dedicated Project Manager will review them, to ensure we have all the details required. Then they’ll assign them to your design team.
By default, your requests will be completed in the order you submit them. But if you ever need to change the order, or prioritize a certain task, or tasks, you can do so by letting our Project Manager know. We work on your requests on a first-come, first-served basis. They are entered into your design team’s queue in the order that they are received. Your team then works on delivering them.
Typically you’ll receive graphics designs or revisions in 24 hours and video designs or revisions within 2-4 business days. If you’ve got a more complex task, let us know and we’ll provide an estimate on how long it’ll take. If you have the Graphics + Video subscription your turnarounds will be exactly the same.
As we work together, and get to know your brand(s) and vision better, the review and revision process will get faster and faster. So you’ll be able to get an increasing number of design projects completed, and only ever pay our flat monthly fee.

Am I locked into a long-term contract?2021-12-16T17:46:16+00:00

Not at all, you are enrolled on a month to month membership and can cancel anytime – hassle-free.

Are there any hidden fees?2021-12-16T17:46:22+00:00

No hidden fees. The package price is exactly what you pay monthly. All taxes and fees are included in that price.

How does the Graphics + Video Subscription work?2021-12-16T17:46:31+00:00

We work on your requests on a first-come, first-served basis. Requests appear into your design team’s queue in the order that they are received. On average you’ll receive graphic designs or revisions in 24 hours (this applies to designs like social media posts, web banners, and single-sided print designs). And on average you’ll receive one 30-60 seconds video, every 2-4 business days. If you’ve got a more complex task, let us know and we’ll provide an estimate on how long it’ll take.
As there is a unique workflow for graphic designs, and specific turnaround times, and a unique workflow, and specific turnarounds for videos, they will not delay or impact one another.
If you need faster outputs you can add on subscriptions as you need them, and cancel them as you don’t. To learn more about adding additional subscriptions, reach out to us at

Who owns the creative work?2021-12-16T17:43:24+00:00

You do! All of our work is customized for you and your brand. You have 100% ownership of the files the moment we deliver them to you. We’ll send them in JPG, PNG, or PDF formats — whatever you prefer! Even better: We’ll also send you the Adobe source files.

How many tasks will my team work on each day?2021-12-16T17:47:19+00:00

As part of the Graphics subscription or the Video subscription, your Dedicated Design Team will have 1 task in progress for you at any given time, and you will receive outputs every 24 hours based on requests created. With the Graphics + Video subscription, your Dedicated Design Team will have 1 graphic design requests and 1 video requests in progress at any given time.
If you need a higher volume of outputs, and faster turnarounds, you can add on additional subscriptions. As your team completes tasks you’ll see them shift from being “In Progress” to “In Review” and you’ll see new requests getting started.

Tell me more about your team. Where are they located?2021-12-16T17:44:28+00:00

RemotePik is located in Dover, DE and operates in EST. Our design team members, meanwhile, are full-time employees, who work in different time zones. Together we ensure that our clients get timely responses to their inquiries, and have their design requests fulfilled as quickly as they need them to be. We do not outsource work, or work with freelancers, as an important part of our service is being able to provide consistently high-quality designs to our clients.

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